Open dislocations of the midfoot and subtalar joints are extremely rare injuries. Understanding the anatomy of these joints and the various injury patterns is imperative to obtain stable concentric reduction and provide good functional outcome. We present a report of a 26- year old male who was involved in a road traffic accident and sustained open dislocations of the calcaneocuboid, naviculocuneiform and subtalar joints. He initially underwent external fixation in view of the severe soft tissue injury. After improvement of the soft tissue condition, he underwent K-wiring of the calcaneocuboid joint, buttress plating of the talonaviculocuneiform joint, peroneal tendon reconstruction using hamstring allograft and defect coverage with a free anterolateral thigh flap. With appropriate rehabilitation protocols, patient recovered well and was allowed to weight bear as tolerated by 10 weeks. His wounds healed completely by 4 months. We report this case considering the rarity of the combined calcaneocuboid, naviculocuneiform and subtalar dislocations which were successfully managed.

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