Background: The most important side effects of Cyclophosphamide, as an anticancer broad-spectrum drug, are the negative effects on the reproduction and fertility because of oxidative stress. Considering the antioxidant properties of medicinal plants, especially those of the Allium genus, this paper studied the effect of hydroalcoholic extract of Allium atroviolaceum L. on the pathology of testicular tissue in CP-treated mice.

Methods: Groups of this experimental study consisted of normal saline recipients; three groups receiving A. atroviolaceum extract at 50, 100, 200 mg/kg; three groups receiving A. atroviolaceum extract at 50, 100, and 200 mg/g and 6.6 mg/kg of Cyclophosphamide; and a group given Cyclophosphamide at 1.6 mg/kg. All injections were performed intraperitoneally. After 30 days, the testicular histological profile as well as the number of spermatozoa, the number of primary and round spermatocytes, and the number of spermatogonia were investigated.

Results: Cyclophosphamide treatment significantly reduced the lumen diameter, the seminiferous tubule diameter, the epithelial thickness, as well as decreased the quantity of spermatozoa and round and primary spermatocytes compared to the control group. Cyclophosphamide groups treated with A. atroviolaceum extract at 50, 100 and 200 mg/kg in a significant manner improved these variables (P <0.001).

Conclusion: A. atroviolaceum extract can significantly improve Cyclophosphamide-induced toxicity and pathological process on testicular tissue. It seems that this plant, with high antioxidant capacity, can be considered a complementary therapy for Cyclophosphamide to prevent undesirable effects on the reproductive system.

epithelium thickness.pzf (203 kB)
epithelium thickness.pzf

first spermatocyte.pzf (202 kB)
first spermatocyte.pzf

left testis index.pzf (200 kB)
left testis index.pzf

lumen diameter.pzf (202 kB)
lumen diameter.pzf

right testis index.pzf (201 kB)
right testis index.pzf

round spermatocyte.pzf (279 kB)
round spermatocyte.pzf

seminifer diameter.pzf (201 kB)
seminifer diameter.pzf

spermatogonai.pzf (200 kB)

spermatozoa.pzf (257 kB)

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