Background and Objectives: Patients with cardiovascular disease who required to be admitted in coronary care units (CCU) would have sleep deprivation. During the admission, some factors such as continuous ambient light exposure can suppress melatonin release, in consequence sleep deprivation will be occurred and hinder the progress of patients' treatment. The aim of study was to evaluate the effect of melatonin on the sleep quality of patients admitted to post-CCU.

Materials and Methods: This randomized clinical trial was carried out on 110 patients admitted to post-CCU at SayyadeShirazi Hospital, Gorgan, Iran. Patients with a poor sleep quality (Pittsburgh sleep quality index (PSQI) global score>5) were randomly allocated into two intervention and placebo groups. Patients in the intervention group received melatonin (3 mg; 30 minutes before bedtime), and the placebo group received placebo for 2 weeks, and their sleep quality was re-evaluated after the end of intervention. Data were analyzed using paired t test, Wilcoxon, and Chi-square tests by SPSS version 21.

Results:The results showed that mean of the patients’ PSQI scores decreased significantly in intervention group (from 14.95±1.48 to 11.65±1.50, P

Conclusion: The melatonin can improve the sleep quality of the patients admitted to post-CCU who suffer from sleep disturbance.

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