Objectives: Considering the reduction of patients' attendance in hospitals, including patients with nose fracture, in fear of COVID-19 transmission, this study aims to investigate the risk of nosocomial COVID-19 transmission in patients with nasal trauma seeking medical care in hospital.

Methods: Patients with nasal trauma referred to our specialized ENT referral center were evaluated, treated, and followed, up to two weeks. After discharge, COVID-19 symptoms were questioned by telephone, and additional assessments were requested for suspected patients.

Results: Out of 108 patients with possible nasal fracture, 27 didn’t need nasal reduction after physical examination while 81 required nasal bone reduction. Only one of the patients contracted the virus in the 2-week follow-up period, and the difference between the two groups was not statistically significant.

Conclusion: Patients in need of emergency medical services -like nasal trauma- in outpatient and short-term inpatient settings should not avoid going to the hospitals. This is provided when both medical staff and patients follow the health protocols.

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