Aging is considered part of the natural process of life, however in recent years medical literature has started to show that specific facets of aging are beginning to be understood and those specific factors may even be considered preventable with various measures as this paper will demonstrate. Aging is also considered the number one cause of poor quality of life, disease, disability, and death, so the importance of understanding the aging process and how to control certain aspects of it cannot be underestimated when age related suffering is factored in. The causes of aging are now becoming well understood, and in recent years many therapies have already become available to the public to attenuate specific corridors of aging. The heterogeneity of the aging process and the biological drivers involved is examined here in parallel with various compounds and therapies to combat biological decay. The benefits for governments in keeping their populations healthy and vibrant are vast, and at the same time offer a great incentive to invest into newly emerging technologies that may prevent the onset of preventable disease. Whilst this paper only discusses nine pathways to the aging process, many more exist.

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